Our Top 10 iPhone Apps for Photography

            The iPhone continues to be a crowd pleaser with its efficient, clean, easy -to-use interface. In fact, the iPhone 4S sold more than 4 million phones the first weekend it was launched (source). This not only surpassed Apples own record, but the record for any cell phone…EVER.  As the iPhone continues to set the standard for cell phones, it also amazes its users with the innovative app store. One of the best perks to owning an iPhone is browsing the app store.  Any iPhone user will tell you that they have spent countless hours figuring out which apps they want. At Dwyer Photography, we understand the overwhelming amount of apps out there. It can be exhausting!  In 2011 there were over 425,000 apps available for download! (source). That number only continues to grow.

         We want to help you out. We have been the proud owners of two iPhone's for a few months now.  While we don’t have any advice to offer on games such as Angry Birds, Scrabble, or Family Feud—we do have an opinion or two about creative apps.  So we will stick with what we are good at; photography, Photoshop, and design. Through countless hours of app browsing, along with some trial and error...here are some of our favorite apps that will get the creative and photographic side out in everyone. 


#10 Flash:  For those of you with older versions of the iPhone or owners of the iPod touch, this app is for you.  Take a photo, hit the flash icon, and voila! Your picture is brighter than it was.  This app also allows for some basic color adjustments as well.  Very simple app that allows a boost of brightness when needed.

#9 Express:  Allows users to do basic effects such as cropping, color adjustment and exposure. Not quite as versatile, or fun as some other apps, but provides the essentials.  Plus, it is from the makers at Adobe; we love everything Adobe.   

#8 Instagram:  This is probably the “queen” of all photo apps, and the photo community of iPhone users. It has created a community that many other photo apps have yet to accomplish.  You can follow people, select favorites, add effects, add borders, upload to social networks…the list goes on and on.  If you love social networking and are constantly taking pictures with your iPhone, this app is for you. 

#7 Picture Magic:  This app has over 95 different effects you can add to images.  Some of these effects are a little tacky, but some are very cool. This app allows a lot of flexibility with effects, color, cropping, and frames. Mix and match, be creative, have fun!  Disclaimer:  The interface isn’t very effective and the endless number of effects is a little overwhelming.  

#6 Luminance:  One of our favorite apps!  Clean interface, simple design, realistic effects.  Luminance allows just enough effect options, without overwhelming the user or having to scroll through hundreds.  If efficiency and simplicity are your style, this is the app for you. 

#5 Vintage Camera:  Just like the title says, this app adds a vintage look to your images. Take a photo, add your favorite vintage effect, and upload. It’s that simple.  If you like the kind of effects Instagram offers, then you will love this app. The free version has about 12 different effects. The pro version has more effects and usually costs money, but in celebration of Valentine’s Day…it is FREE!  Upload today! 

#4 Frametasic: Once you have put effects on your images, arrange them into a simple collage with this wonderful app.  Very simple, easy to use and allows you to share with all major social networks; including Instagram. 

#3 Diptic:  For .99 cents go a step above Frametastic and create collages with more images. This app also allows you to do some basic effects before you create your collage. 

#2 Pano: For $1.99, this app will create effortless panoramic images. Very cool for any nature or weather related photo. 

#1 Professional Photographer!  Yes, we are talking about a real person, not an app. Realistically, no app can create the dynamic images that a professional, accredited photographer can.  Lighting, studio space, high end cameras, details, equipment, a real person, and years of experience are just a few of the things that allow for mind-blowing images.  Apps are fun, versatile, and great for spur-of-the-moment photography; but for the important moments in life, give a professional a call. 


Just search for any of these apps within the app store and they will pop right up. So what is your favorite iPhone photo app? If we missed any of your favorites, let us know. We would love to hear about them! 


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