Family Photos: What To Wear

  • Published May 22nd, 2013 by Charlie Bastian, Marketing Intern
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Family photos can be stressful. You have to find a date and time where everyone is available. If you are wanting to do outdoor photos, you have to worry about the weather and the good old Nebraska wind. Add in figuring out what to wear, and the situation seems impossible!

Not to worry--we at Dwyer Photography are here to help. While we don't know your family schedule and can't control the weather, we can advise you on what makes a great family photo. An integral component of a memorable photo is what you wear, and this post can assist you in choosing the best outfits and color schemes for your family session. Here are our tips:

Have your family match! Jeans or khakis and the same colored top create cohesive photographs that will look great for years to come.

If you would like to do something a bit more interesting than just black and white, make sure you stay in the same color genre. Some common color genres include jewel tones (emerald green, ruby red), pastels, cool colors (blue and green) and warm colors (yellow, red and orange). The photograph below features a family in sapphire tones.

Another aspect to remember is that for the photo to look put-together, everyone should be in similarly-themed clothing. These themes might include outdoors or a night out on the town. A family golf outing theme in the photo below made for a fun and casual portrait.

When chosing clothing, be sure to avoid patterns, logos, branding, and busy designs such as plaid. These large designs can detract from the photo focus, which is your family's shining faces! The clothing you choose should also be something that everyone is comfortable in. If people are uncomfortable in the clothing they are wearing, that discomfort will be reflected in the photo. If you are having a hard time deciding on a color or outfit theme, think about where the photo will be displayed and choose colors that complement the space, whether it be a family room or a hallway.

A final thought: start by finding the outfit for the person hardest to shop for. This person is usually the one with the least amount of clothing options. After their outfit is selected, you can use the color scheme and coordinate the rest of the family's clothing!

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